Tarkio Golf Club, Inc. 

P.O. Box 235 ~ 1106 Park St. ~ Tarkio, Missouri 64491
Open Mon.-Friday 9 a.m. To 7 p.m. Weekend 8 to 7
Thank You
 Harvey Mills and
 Jim Mather
for all of your donated time to the
Tarkio Golf Club Club in 2014.
Also, to all the Employees
AND all other volunteers 
for any donation. 
Everything is appreciated.

Any photos that you would

like to share would be appreciated.

Please e-mail to tgc@tarkio.net.


Tarkio Golf Board

 Thank you to all the Businesses and Individuals that help support the
OH WELL Fundraiser Tournament.
Your support was greatly appreciated.

Tarkio Golf Board
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The season is winding down, thanks to all that supported the Tarkio Golf Club this 2016 season.

The Club House will be open only on 

Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October.

Thanks Harvey, without you it just

wouldn't be possible.


Tarkio Golf Club, Inc.

Board of Directors

Kelly Rohlfsen, President;

Kyra Mills, Vice President;

Angie Vernon Secretary;

Becky Jones, Treasurer;

Jim Hannah, Bob Koch and Tristan Ray